one + four = life (heading home)

one + four = life (

Can’t believe we’ve been travelling for over three months.  A bit of camping and a few nights in places found on Airbnb. Like this cute converted dairy in Brunswick. Mostly housesitting though. Just in case you wondered how we can afford to do it.

beach walk in the rain

Had to get in a walk along the beach on Phillip Island. Even if it was raining. And cold. My red umbrella cheers up the photo nicely. Might have to let it feature more often.

fancy basin and taps

Perhaps the fanciest basin and taps I have seen. This was in the bathroom of the Airbnb place we stayed on Phillip Island. I love staying at places found on Airbnb. So much more interesting than staying in hotels and usually cheaper too. I like the whole idea of people being able to make a little extra money by sharing their house with strangers. I think it works because of the review system. You can read the reviews by other guests and decide if the place suits your needs. After you stay you can leave a review yourself. You can also be reviewed as a guest by the host and that goes on your profile. So if you leave a big mess or behave badly other people might not let you come and stay at their place!

fat shack vintage light

Check out this cool light from Fat Shack Vintage. After more than four years in the Tassie cabin with nothing but bare bulbs sticking out of sockets, we finally found a place that has our kind of lights. We had a look at their little showroom while we were in Melbourne just to be sure their products looked as good in the flesh as they do on the screen. Believe me, they do! Orders are done online and sent anywhere and they don’t care how much you order so it’s not just big fancy jobs they do. They have so many quirky and fun ideas it’s going to be great fun choosing. And you can choose good looking bulbs that are low energy. Perfect for an off-grid cabin.

graffiti Melbourne A visit to Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without some graffiti. Hosier Lane always has something to catch your eye. Took a wander there after seeing the David Bowie is exhibition at ACMI. I’m a Bowie fan from way back. The exhibition is definitely worth seeing, so many fascinating costumes on display. Perfect end to our trip.

I’ve been using the one + four = life idea from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes while travelling as a way of getting at least one post done a week. Mostly that’s all I managed to do. Might have been because I was wearing myself out doing things each day. And not always having internet access made things a bit difficult. It’s been a good experiment though I might do things differently once I’m back in the Tassie cabin.

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