one + four = life (let it snow, let it snow, let it snow)

end of snow season

It’s not quite the end of winter but it looks like it’s the end of the snow season for us. We’re just about on our way back to Tassie. For our escape from the Tassie winter this year we seem to have spent a fair bit of time in places no warmer than home!

David on lift at Hotham

Perfect last day on the slopes at Mt Hotham.

inside Zirky's cafe

Not so perfect second last day at Mt Hotham! Visibility got pretty bad in the afternoon and rather than spend my time getting scared on the slopes I retreated to a cafe for a nice pot of tea. It was about now I realised I could have been doing this every day!

snow cushions

Snow cushions! This is a photo my friend Kate took outside the Tassie cabin to show me the snowfall we missed at home. So pretty. Kate has a great blog, Vegetable Vagabond, about all sorts of things that matter to her. Mostly they’re things that matter to me too.

if it's yellow sign

Here’s a little sign I made to go in the bathroom at the house we’ve been housesitting for the last month. This place was off-grid like the Tassie cabin. I think that was how we got the job, because they knew we understood how their house ran. They had solar power like us and their water supply was from a rainwater tank too. One difference was that they had a flush toilet. It was important to conserve water and power so I had to remind myself not to flush the toilet all the time. The thing is that as well as the issue of water usage, the water pump then uses power to refill the cistern every time you flush. We have a composting toilet so I don’t have to think about this at home. Anyway I remembered this cute saying and did a little bit of a drawing on some scrap plywood. Now everyone is amused when they go to push the button to flush!

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