one + four = life (crafty for a reason)

a little bit crafty

Don’t be mislead by the non-appearance of snow in this week’s photos. We’re definitely still in snow country. Snowboarding one day. Recuperating the next day, or two!

mountain bike ride

Beautiful day for a mountain bike ride. There are some great trails in the Gippsland region. We’ve been out a couple of times now on the East Gippsland Rail Trail. I love, love, love rail trails. Why? Pretty simple. No steep hills! This shot was on the side track to Lakes Entrance which did have some hills. It’s not actually a rail trail so it’s not like I was conned by false advertising. Luckily it was so pretty and peaceful I didn’t really mind. We didn’t come across a single other person while we were out for three hours. And it was a perfect weekend winter’s day. Was everyone hibernating?

lavender embroidery

Lavender embroidery done for some lavender bags I’m going to finish when I get back to the Tassie cabin. Before leaving in April I picked a heap of lavender from the garden and hung it from the ceiling to dry. Hopefully it will be ready to use when I get back and I can complete this little project.

seahorse zentangle (work in progress)

Another work in progress. Seahorse zentangle drawing. I’m using a Copic multiliner pen in a Moleskine journal that I happened to find lying around in a drawer in the shed. I’ve never bought a Moleskine book so figured it must have belonged to my daughter. She left home many years ago so I guess she won’t miss it! Well, I’m hoping she won’t. It was unused after all. See how guilty I’m feeling for using something that wasn’t mine! I must admit that the quality of the paper is very good so I’m lucky to have found it. And I promise I’ll buy my own next time.

 crochet mandalas

I have been saddened by a couple of deaths lately. One friend lost his battle with cancer. He was one of the healthiest and fittest people I know. I won’t talk about him at the moment but I am thinking of him and his wife an awful lot. Another person I didn’t personally know (I just knew her through her blog) succumbed to her depression. Her name was Marinke and she liked to be called Wink. She crocheted some amazing mandalas amongst other things. You can read a bit about her here and her lovely blog, a creative being, is well worth a visit. Wink wrote a story in the book Crochet Saved My Life and the author Kathryn Vercillo has started a project to honour Wink and raise awareness about depression. These are some little mandalas I’ve crocheted that I think I will make into necklaces. I do find activities like crochet and drawing and then simply colouring in my drawings very useful when my mind isn’t feeling the best. Somehow it does help. It must be something about the repetition and the need for focus but not the need for too much thought that does it. I’ll be doing a bit more of these activities over the next few days I think. Maybe you need to as well.

PS one + four = life concept is from Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes.




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  1. Kathryn Vercillo
    Kathryn Vercillo July 31, 2015 at 2:29 am |

    Thank you for sharing the Mandalas for Marinke project. I am so sorry that you’ve also recently lost another friend. Huge hugs and support your way.

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