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snow week

Seems it’s been a particularly cold week across much of Australia. And I guess most people hadn’t deliberately planned to be cold, but we had! We had agreed to housesit for a month close to the Victorian snowfields so for us there was no avoiding the chill. Now this was not because we’re crazy. Well, maybe I am a little bonkers (mostly in a good way!) but this was a joint decision between me and the not even slightly crazy one. Our ulterior motive was the chance to go snowboarding.

We hadn’t been snowboarding for five years and now that we’re in our…..hang on…..I’ll just whisper this…..fifties, we were wondering whether we should give it another shot or just leave it to the young folk. They seem to bounce back up after a fall so much faster than I do. I don’t bounce at all. Perhaps I never did. When I have a crash landing I sit there shaking my head wondering what on earth happened. Then I do a not so quick limb check to make sure no bones are broken. I guess it’s a good osteoporosis test! Then I convince myself that I should get up and keep moving because I will get too cold if I sit there on my butt any longer. Then I think of Hawaii and start planning my next holiday. Then I freeze to death!!! Ha ha.

The thing I do love (apart from the actual whizzing down a mountain of course) is that no-one can tell I’m an ‘older’ woman. When I’m going well that is! Pretty much everyone wears a helmet these days and some sort of face covering below their goggles. You can’t see faces at all. I’m tall and wear baggy snowboarding gear so most people just assume I’m a dude. Perfect! My cover is only blown if I talk. Problem there is that I sound like a child. Something that comes in very useful when I get those unsolicited phone calls because the caller always asks to speak to my mummy!


Alpacas grazing outside my bedroom window where we are housesitting. Don’t they look cute? I’ll tell you they look cute from a distance but up close they have these little quirks, like a wonky eye or bucky teeth, that detract somewhat from their cuteness. I haven’t managed to get one cute close up photo yet.

snowboarding mt hotham

This is me. Looking like a dude.

kangaroo prints in the snow

Out on a bush walk and the only ones out before us were the kangaroos. Funny how they used the stairs too! Saw lots of wombat tracks as well.

sub alpine bush walk

My man wondering if wearing shorts on this so-called ‘sub-alpine’ walk was such a brilliant idea after all! It was quite magical crunching through the crisp snow with the sun shining brightly down on us. And no-one else around other than the critters.

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  1. Sue
    Sue July 23, 2015 at 7:29 am |

    It’s lovely to read something so positive and thoughtful first thing in the morning after listening to the news. Thank you for helping to raise the spirits yet again Sandra!

  2. Jasmine
    Jasmine July 25, 2015 at 4:01 pm |

    Great photos Sarah! How cute are Alpacas, even if they are abit wonky.

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