one + four = life (keeping calm in Brisvegas)

Brookfield housesitting

A quick visit to our old home town of Brisbane this week. Got to enjoy some beautiful warm weather and catch up with some good friends. I think winter is pretty perfect in Queensland and that man of mine will only consider coming here in June or July. Too hot for him the rest of the year. He did give it a good try though, managing to live here for around forty years!

I used to want to have a place in Queensland for autumn and winter and a place in Tassie for spring and summer. In the end we realised we wouldn’t be able to retire so early if we tried to make that plan work. Now we spend most of the year in Tassie in our little cabin and just head somewhere warmer for winter. Sometimes that’s a trip to the mainland and sometimes it’s a trip overseas.

keep calm & follow the good shepherd

Oh, I do love an amusing church sign. And this one amused me greatly because our surname is…..yes, you guessed it…..Shepherd. There was a moment of debate as to which one of us was the “good” shepherd, but really we both knew it was him. So he got to be in the photo. Some letters may have fallen down if I had tried to claim the title!

textures Lake Eyre

Walking around the shore of Lake Eyre a few weeks ago I was intrigued by all the different patterns and textures. I took lots of photos with my phone, which is pretty much my only camera these days. I’ve been using an app on my phone to frame the four photos to head up these one + four = life posts. This week I’ve been experimenting some more to put groups of photos like these patterns and textures together. The app I used for this is Instant picframe. It’s a free app and pretty simple to use. Another couple of free ones I’ve been playing around with are Split Pic and Color Splurge. They’re fun to muck around with but I’m finding that between them and Pinterest a fair amount of time in my day just seems to vanish. Think I’ll have to set myself some limits for this kind of playtime.

tidying up loose ends

Crocheting some more little bits and pieces to make into necklaces and earrings. I love the crocheting part but intensely dislike the weaving in the ends part. I know I’m not alone in this feeling. I have to stop the fun part every so often and make a big effort to deal with those pesky ends. Grrr. Think I’ll have to change my perspective and try to see the meditative part of this rather than seeing it as such a chore. After all there’s nothing much to think about while doing it. Don’t have to think about which colour to do next or even count stitches. Just thread the needle and weave the thread in. I’m just so slow at this part it gets frustrating. Here’s a nice little tutorial on how to do it too.

dog tail stuck on wrong dog

This is the back end of the dog we were looking after while housesitting this week. Doesn’t it look like the tail was stuck on the wrong dog? Like someone was in a rush to finish work and thought, well it’s a black and white dog so I’ll just stick this black and white tail on it!

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