baby, it’s cold outside

Another cold night in a tent brings me to these thoughts. Do I need a warmer sleeping bag? No. I just need to only ever camp in places where my current sleeping bag is warm enough. End of story. Well, right now it’s become the start of my imagining where I might like to be camping.

beach walk hawaii

Hawaii is always topping the list. I’ve been there once and right now I very much like the thought of Hawaii! There’s the warm weather of course and I think there are no predators there which is a bonus. Unlike the crocodiles to be found in North Queensland and the top of the Northern Territory, two other places much closer to home that could be considered as suitable winter camping spots. I don’t suffer from this desire to be warm in Tassie in spring or summer.  It’s just a winter thing and you see, now that I’m retired, I can escape winter.

tassie cabin winter


Here is a shot of the Tassie cabin in winter. Sometimes we wake up to a winter wonderland and I must admit it is very pretty. This year there was a snowfall of 12cm on the first day of winter!

So what have I been doing in Central Australia sleeping in two sets of thermals top and bottom, fleecy track pants and super thick oversized top, gloves and a beanie? In a sleeping bag liner with two, that’s right, two sleeping bags that really do have a halfway decent thermal rating. I am not joking when I say I’m a cold sleeper.  So once again, what am I doing here? Giving in to the desires of a man who despises hot weather. How terribly modern of me. Is this the start of separate holidays?

Routeburn, New Zealand

See, he even wears shorts when we hike in the snow!

I’d better hurry up and reflect on the good things. One of these did occur at night. When it was cold. Probably happens when it’s warm too. And that is the howling of the dingoes. I love the sound. When a pack start up it’s so melodic. A real chorus with different voices coming in and the sounds rising and falling. It’s a treat to listen from the relative warmth of my many layers and sleeping bags! The other good thing of course is the brightness of the stars and size of the sky out there.

Uluru sunrise

And I mustn’t forget the sunrises (above) and sunsets (below) with skies that look like they’ve been painted.

Kata Tjuta sunset

I just had a big surprise. The friend I went to Hawaii with a couple of years ago asked if I would like to go to the Grand Canyon with her at the end of April next year. She must have known I was feeling cold and needed to start planning next year’s escape from the Tassie winter!

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  1. Viv
    Viv July 1, 2015 at 11:21 pm |

    I love, love, love cabins!!! Your photo is magically wonderful. I think I can survive in the cold all year, if I wake up to that every day!

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