one + four = life (a man called Brolga and a kangaroo called Roger)

Central Australia

So much to see in Central Australia. My highlight of the the week was meeting Brolga and Roger. More about them further down. Will definitely come back this way again, especially to walk the Larapinta Trail. For some reason I had the idea in my head that this walk went across the desert. Boy, was I wrong. It’s a walk from near Alice Springs through the West MacDonnell Ranges, so features rugged mountain ranges and spectacular gorges. We talked with a few people walking the trail and it sounds like a great one to do. Though best not to rush it and allow three weeks to cover the 223km trail. We were camping for a couple of nights in one spot about halfway along the ranges and went for a ride on our mountain bikes only to come across a campsite on the trail. We surprised the people there who asked how far they were from the road as they hadn’t expected to see anyone other than hikers. When they heard we had our ute only a couple of kilometres away some asked if they could have a lift to the main road which was about 8km away. They planned on hitchhiking to skip certain sections. We helped them out by dropping them where they needed to go. And in return we questioned them intensely about the trail!

garden of eden, King's Canyon

I’ve moved on from photos of sunsets and trees to trying to take photos of reflections. This beautiful spot is the Garden of Eden at Kings Canyon. It’s off on a little side track from the main walk up and around the top of the canyon and was a deliciously cool spot to hang out on a hot day.

Sandra and Indi

Here I am at The Kangaroo Sanctuary holding an orphaned red kangaroo named Indi. This place was set up and is run by a man called Brolga. I first saw him on a BBC documentary called Kangaroo Dundee. Brolga is a wildlife carer who is very inspirational. He calls himself a kangaroo mum and has devoted himself to rescuing and caring for orphaned kangaroos in a natural desert setting just outside of Alice Springs.

Sandra with Roger and Brolga

Woohoo! Look how close I am to Roger and Brolga! If you watch the BBC Kangaroo Dundee documentary, you’ll see Roger, a pretty magnificent red kangaroo. (You may also notice that Brolga is pretty magnificent too!) I nearly squealed with delight when Brolga said Roger was there at the sanctuary and we would meet him. Brolga raised Roger from a tiny, almost hairless orphan joey 9 years ago and now he is pretty much the boss of the place! NatGeo have also made a show about Brolga and are there filming another one at the moment. You can see more of Roger and Indi and others on the Kangaroo Sanctuary Facebook page.

termite mound

Off across the desert from Central Australia on our way to Brisbane, stopping for a lunch break in the shade of a termite mound! Three days of driving during daylight hours only as we don’t want to be on the roads at night risking hitting the wildlife. If you ever come across a dead female kangaroo with a live joey in her pouch, just remember they can be saved and raised by carers like Brolga (or me!) and then released back into the wild.

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