one + four = life (on the road)

South Australia outback Now we have left the comfort of our Clare Valley house sit and are in camping mode. At least it’s relatively comfortable since it’s car camping not the backpacking type. That means I’ve got far more stuff with me than I need. After all we did load the car up with everything we thought we’d need for at least three months on the road. So there’s mountain bikes, hiking gear, good clothes for visits to big cities and clothes to get very dirty in. I’ve got art and craft supplies as well. There’s a lot of inspiration out here.

Willems Pound

First stop was Wilpena Pound. This shot was taken while we were cycling part of the Mawson Trail which goes around the outside of Wilpena Pound. Some of the trail is along a dirt road and some is single track which was great fun. The scenery is gorgeous and we hiked to the top of one of the peaks as well. A 21km hike over pretty steep terrain. I needed a good lie down after that one!

Muddy boots

A downpour in the Lake Eyre area closed the roads for a few days before we got there. People were stuck at William Creek and that’s a pretty tiny place. A pub, a campground and a flight centre. Population 12. That’s where we were heading so we could go on a flight over Lake Eyre. We were able to  get there once they opened the roads to 4wd traffic as our trusty ute is 4wd. the first day there we went for a walk to the edge of the lake and I think this is the muddiest my hiking boots have ever been. I just kept giggling to myself on the way back to the car imagining moment when I would be told I couldn’t get in the car with boots like that! Sure enough a stick was produced to scrape the mud off before I was allowed anywhere near the car!

Flight over Lake Eyre

For the first time ever I went up in a tiny plane! Look, I’m not even scared. Anyone who has ever flown with me will know this is a major achievement! I am the person you never want next to you in a plane. That super fidgety one that never sleeps and has to get up a million times. Maybe it was being able to see the pilot that made me relax. Since it was only a four seater plane and he was right in front of me. Like when I was a kid and my dad was driving on a long distance trip, I would never sleep in case he fell asleep and I had to jump into the front of the car and take over. Of course that never happened but I was ever vigilant just in case. The flaw in that plan always was that I couldn’t actually drive. And he would have been in the way. And he would have woken up when I jumped on him. And my mum,who was always asleep in the car (like seriously she would be asleep before the end of the driveway!) would have woken up screaming and tried to hit me out of the way, which would have made us crash anyway. So I guess there may have been a few flaws in my plan. Our flight went over Lake Eyre which had plenty of water after those recent rainfalls that closed the roads. It was wonderful! We also flew over an area called the Painted Hills which were on the largest cattle ranch in the world and have no public access. The countryside was spectacular and a lot made me think of the way the land is portrayed in aboriginal paintings. And the way those paintings were done without a view from a plane which makes them seem even more amazing. I have taken lots of photos to use as inspiration for my own artwork.

Underground house

Final shot is our underground home for the night. Since we were in Coober Pedy we thought we should live like the locals and stay underground instead of camping under the stars. Incredible concept. We are at Jam B&B which we found on Airbnb. You simply have to stay here if you are ever in Coober Pedy!

I don’t have great reception out here while travelling and I’m doing this on my phone. That’s because I’ve only got my phone connected to the great and mysterious internet. So please forgive any sketchy uploads in this and any other posts I may do while on the road.

PS. One + four = life concept from MeetMeAtMikes.


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  1. Sue
    Sue June 8, 2015 at 10:52 am |

    Wow Sandra- it all sounds amazing. Doubt I could manage 1 km these days much less 21. I love the posts- keep ’em coming!

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